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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you can see common questions and their answers.

How are the flowers sold on the truck & why?

We sell our flowers per stem, on the trucks to allow everyone the experience of building their own bouquets. We can always help build it for you as well 🙂

Do you do rentals?

Yes! You can rent the trucks for any kind of event you are hosting in the Nashville area. Email us at nella@ameliasflowertruck.com

Where are the trucks located?

You can look at our truck schedule here (link the truck page)

What are your hours/days open?

We are open Thursday-Monday and our hours vary depending on location.

What floral services do you offer?

We offer deliveries, subscriptions, special event florals and flower crown pre-orders. You can email nella@ameliasflowertruck.com for inquiries

What flowers can expect in my bouquet/arrangement deliveries?

You can expect a fresh selection of seasonal blooms and greenery in your bouquets/deliveries.

Do you do online delivery orders in the trucks?

Typically, no but you can pay an extra fee to have the flowers delivered in the trucks. You can email nella@ameliasflowertruck.com

Are the trucks in working condition?

Yes! We drive the trucks to and from every event.

Do you put flower food in your water?

Nope! Our flowers don’t need it! We just suggest changing the water every two days and trimming the stems when you do by cutting them at an angle.

Whats the price range of flowers on the trucks?

Our flowers range from $1-$6 per stem

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