The Trucks

Our Truck Season is from March through November and we hope you will stop by and see us! If you would like to rent our trucks for your next event please use the contact form below.

"Bonjour! I'm so glad you're hear. Whether you're local to Nashville or visiting from a far, i'm happy you stumbled upon my little business of flowers. I had a dream to do something that brought not only myself, but other people joy. I filtered through many ideas and kept coming back to flowers. Flowers, for centuries, have been used to brighten peoples days and to elevate spaces that otherwise might be a little boring. They can bring tears to your eyes just by how beautiful they are. They can trigger a memory with the scent of their petals and they can bring happiness, even for a moment, to the saddest of people. They are a sweet gesture and a way to love on yourself. They signify new beginnings and show us that even in the rain, we can still grow.

I started with one truck in March of 2016 and within a year expanded into three. It was clear that the city was desperate for flowers! Now we are roaming the streets of Nashville, bringing flowers to the people from near and far and I couldn't be happier with where life has taken us.

I started with Amy, our green truck. She was born in 1962 and came all the way from California. She was named after Amelia Pond in Doctor Who - my favorite British TV Show - and goes by Amy for short. She has had at least three engines in her and likes to stay on the back roads. She can't (or shouldn't) go over 50 mph because she'll probably get too tired and fall asleep on us.

After a few months of being opened, my dad was trolling craigslist looking for more trucks (it because something like a hobby for him) and he found one in Jackson, TN, only two hours from Nashville. I jumped in my car and went out to take a look at the beautiful Dove Blue truck. The owner was a mechanic and had been passing a barn for years and saw this truck sitting inside, just wasting away. He finally bought it, water pressured all the dirt off and resorted the engine. I fell in love immediately, bought him and named him Rory. Rory comes from another Doctor Who character, Rory Williams who is married to Amelia Pond. Rory, the truck, is a gentlemen and has a nice roar. He has a lovely patina look and you can tell he worked very hard in his day. His blinkers like to stop working and sometimes his break lights, but he chugs along and gives us little to no problems. He can get up to 70 mph on the open road, but that rarely happens. His beautiful color looks so perfect is pictures and especially on a sunny day.

Melody, our youngest, was born in 1965 and came from Texas. She is a lovely Pearl White and has been mechanically and cosmetically restored. She doesn't like for her battery to be drained and requires a little extra attention. You could say she has Youngest Child syndrome ;)