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Woodfire Candle Company - MODERN BONFIRE Travel Fire Outdoor Fall Candle Fire Pit

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Title: Citronella Clementine
Enjoy an instant bonfire experience with the Modern Bonfire Travel Fire. Modern Bonfires are perfect for camping trips, beach days, or for simply creating a cozy vibe on your patio. Let its realistic crackling sounds lull you into relaxation mode. Each mod bon is 14oz of pure soy wax and they come in a variety of scents or unscented. Modern Bonfires last for up to 11 hours each so 1 bonfire will last all weekend at the campground or cabin. The center wick crackles just like a wood campfire.  FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY Read all instructions before use. Extinguish with lid, do not blow out or use water. Only burn on heat-resistant surfaces, DO NOT burn on glass. Dimensions - 5.25" wide and 2" tall