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7 Simple Gestures to Show Someone You Care
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7 Simple Gestures to Show Someone You Care

Hey there! Life moves pretty fast, and sometimes we forget to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us. But guess what? It’s the little gestures that can make a huge difference! Here are seven super fun and easy ways to show someone you’re thinking about them. And as your friendly neighborhood florist, I’m here to remind you – flowers can make anyone’s day brighter! We’ve got local delivery, including same-day options, and nationwide next-day delivery, so spreading the love is a breeze.

1. Send a Surprise Bouquet

Picture this: a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers arriving at your loved one’s door, completely out of the blue. Flowers are the ultimate mood lifters! Whether it’s a colorful mix of daisies or a classic bunch of roses, they’re sure to bring a smile. We offer local Nashville delivery with same-day service, and for those far away, we’ve got next-day delivery across the nation. Perfect, right?

2. Write a Handwritten Note

Let’s go old school! A handwritten note is a beautiful, personal way to show you care. Grab a pen and some pretty paper, and write down your thoughts. Leave it in their bag, on their desk, or even on their pillow. It’s a heartfelt gesture that says, “You’re important to me.”

3. Surprise Them with a Sweet Treat

Who can resist a delicious surprise? Grab their favorite treat – maybe it’s a scrumptious cupcake, a delightful cookie, or a decadent piece of chocolate. Pair it with a cute flower arrangement, and you’ve just made their day a whole lot sweeter!

4. Plan a Spontaneous Outing

Spice up your routine with a spontaneous adventure! Plan a fun outing like a picnic in the park, a visit to a quirky museum, or a cozy movie night at home. It’s all about the fun and memories you create together.

5. Share a Special Memory

Take a trip down memory lane and share a special photo or a fun story from the past. Reminiscing about good times shows that you treasure the moments you’ve shared and can’t wait to create more.

6. Perform a Random Act of Kindness

Little acts of kindness go a long way. Surprise them by doing a chore they dislike, making them their favorite coffee, or leaving a sweet note on their car. It’s the little things that show you care and brighten their day.

7. Sign Them Up for a Floral Subscription

Want to keep the smiles coming? Sign them up for a floral subscription service! They’ll receive fresh flowers regularly, making every delivery a delightful surprise. We offer flexible plans to fit any preference, so they can enjoy the beauty of flowers all year round.

Showing someone you care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It’s the simple, thoughtful gestures that count the most – a surprise bouquet, a sweet treat, or a spontaneous adventure. And when it comes to flowers, we’re here to help you spread joy, whether you’re in Nashville or sending love from afar. So go ahead, brighten someone’s day and let them know they’re always on your mind!

xx Mattie 



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