Where do we source our flowers?

We source our flowers from a local Nashville wholesaler and local flower farms.

How long do your flowers last?

That's tricky as flowers are a living thing and their timer starts when they are cut from the ground but we can assure you that our flowers are some of the most fresh! We have had people tell us that our flowers can last up to 18 days! Typically, the flowers should stay happy and beautiful for up to a week but it all depends on the flower variety.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the Greater Nashville Area and Franklin, as well as, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. If you're unsure if your desired address is in our range, you can input your zip code when checking out and it will let you know!

Do you recommend flower food?

We do not see the need for flower food. We suggest changing the water *at least* every other day and trimming the stems slightly when you do.

Do the flowers travel well?

YES! I personally have traveled from Nashville to Florida with a bouquet of flowers and they were out of water for at least 8 hours. They may look a little wilted once they arrive to your destination but once they are in water, they perk right up!

Why are Amelia's Flowers the best in town?

Great question! Because not only do they last the longest but each bouquet is made with love and care.


What year are the trucks?

Amy & Rory are 1962 and Melody is a 1965.

Do you drive the trucks daily?

Yes! We drive them to and from all of our events.

Do you travel outside of Nashville?

At this time, no but we are hoping to be able to one day!

Are they manual transmission?


Where did you find them?

These trucks are rare so it took a lot of searching online to find them in California, Tennessee and Texas.

Can I rent the truck for a private event?

Yes! More information here: The Trucks


How many shops do you have and where are they located?

We have four! One in Franklin, inside The Factory, one in West Nashville inside the L&L Market, and one in East Nashville at the Shops at Porter East. We also have one shop at Raleigh Iron Works in Raleigh-Durham.

Do you only carry flowers in the shops?

No! We have a variety of gifts and home goods to choose from, as well as a more extensive variety of flowers and dried flowers.

Can you rent out the store for a private event?

Yes! We would love to host your next party or event. Please use our contact page to inquire.

Do you host workshops?

We sure do! Check out our Workshops page.