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Blooms and Bliss: Our Unforgettable Journey with Vince Camuto at VC X DUB
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Blooms and Bliss: Our Unforgettable Journey with Vince Camuto at VC X DUB

Hey there, flower enthusiasts! October brought us an incredible opportunity to team up with the fabulous Vince Camuto for the VC X DUB event at the swoon-worthy White Limozeen. Imagine a space draped in dreamy pinksโ€”our playground to sprinkle some floral magic! Let's dive into the behind-the-scenes joy of crafting a Floral Letter install, whimsical centerpieces, and a Flower bar that stole the show.

  1. Stepping into Wonderland: Picture this: walking into White Limozeen, surrounded by a sea of dreamy pinks. It was like stepping into wonderland, and we couldn't wait to infuse our creative energy into this enchanting setting.

  2. Floral Letters that Speak Volumes: Our hearts fluttered with excitement as we brought to life the Floral Letter install. Each petal placed with care, these letters seamlessly blended into the event's magical atmosphere.

floral letters VC X DUB

3.Table Talk with Mesmerizing Centerpieces: Now, let's chat about those tables! Our centerpieces were more than just decorations; they were lively conversation starters. Vibrant, elegant, and downright charmingโ€”these arrangements added that extra sparkle to every corner of the event.

flower centerpiece

flower centerpiece

designer boots with flowers in them

4. Flower Bar Fun: The Flower bar? Oh, it was an absolute blast! Picture guests getting hands-on, creating their personalized floral masterpieces under the guidance of our talented florists. It wasn't just a bar; it was an experienceโ€”a chance for everyone to bloom their creativity.

flower bar

Our adventure with Vince Camuto at VC X DUB was nothing short of a joyous celebrationโ€”a fusion of fashion, florals, and pure magic. White Limozeen provided the perfect backdrop for our blossoms to shine, and we're still buzzing with gratitude for this unforgettable collaboration.

To Vince Camuto, thank you for letting us sprinkle some flower love at your fabulous event. And to everyone who joined us on this blooming journey, you made it extra special! Here's to more moments of petals, passion, and a whole lot of personal touch. Until next time, keep blooming! ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’ซ


xx Mattieย 



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