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Classic & Traditional - Ruscus
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Classic & Traditional - Ruscus

With its dark green, shapely stem coupled with the bold, bright green foliage, the Ruscus Greenery is both classical and traditional. Also known as Butcher’s Broom, the deep green elliptical leaves contrast a multitude of blooms, making the Ruscus Greenery the perfect ‘filler flower’ in any arrangement. Aside from being bold and bright, the Ruscus Greenery is very durable and can have a vase life up to a month or longer! With a year-round availability, I figured we should definitely get to know the Ruscus a little better.


The Ruscus is native to Northwest Africa and is part of the Asparagaceae family. When researching, I had no idea what that ‘family’ was, so I continued to dig. When I saw the word “Asparagaceae” I immediately read “asparagus”, but thought that had to be too easy. Could this greenery really be in the same family? Well, surprise, surprise, it is! How fun!

Are you looking to add a new centerpiece to your table this month? Or maybe you need a little green pick-me-up for your desk at work. Either way, here are some tips to keeping this luscious, linear plant around for as long as possible:

In-Vase Ruscus Greenery

  1. Vase
    Choose a vase that will hold at least 4 inches of fresh, cool water.
  2. Remove Foliage
    Gently remove any foliage that will sit below the water. The leaves left under water will rot, causing bacteria to grow – this will shorten the vase life significantly.
  3. Cut Stems
    With a sharp knife, cut the stems about an inch from the bottom. As soon as you cut the stems, place the Ruscus in the prepared water.
  4. Avoid Overexposure
    Keep away from excessive heat and direct sunlight for the longest life possible.
  5. Change Water
    If the water appears cloudy, change it every few days.  



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