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Sweet & Spicy - Stock
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Sweet & Spicy - Stock


If you aren’t well versed with Stock flowers, please allow me to introduce you to the sweet, yet spicy, and ever so distinctive bloom. In fact, many of you may recognize the scent, it’s that unmistakable. Aside from the exceptional fragrance, Stock is also known for its cool colors, lengthy stems and long-lasting flowers. Yep, I am back to talking about long-lasting flowers! It’s no surprise that Stock is a fan favorite amongst florists.

With its many versatile characteristics, Stock can be used as a filler or as a stand-out piece. If you choose to use Stock as a focal point in an arrangement, I suggest using a single type of foliage for the best compliment.


Being known as a head-turner for its attractive blossoms and wonderful scent, this flower is also notable for several symbols. Discovering the meanings behind flowers is something I recommend people keep in mind when gifting flowers. Sometimes we need someone to know how we feel without saying anything; the beauty of flowers is that they can say everything when we say nothing at all.


  • A long life full of happiness and success
  • Contentment with your life the way it is right now
  • Beauty that doesn’t fade with age or time
  • Achieving paradise on earth
  • Dedicating oneself to a life of spiritual purity
  • Connecting with the world as one.


Did you know that growing Stock from seed is easy? I am calling all gardeners from beginners to experienced! Come early spring, sow stock seeds into trays. Once you see a few sets of leaves sprout, choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil to transplant the seedlings - be mindful to ensure the frosts are over. With the right timing, you will be able to enjoy a late summer bloom. Once your Stock is established, sprinkle all-purpose fertilizer once a month to encourage more flowers.


Whether your growing your own Stock or purchasing the bloom for an arrangement, please be sure to allow yourself a minute of time  to soak up the beauty this flower brings us – let us never too busy to appreciate something so wonderful.


xx Mattie 



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