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June 19, 2024
Embrace the Summer Solstice with June's Vibrant Flowers

June brings long days, warm nights, and the joyous Summer Solstice. Discover how to use flowers to celebrate this magical time. From creating floral crowns to stunning centerpieces, let’s make...

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How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer: Proven Traditional Methods

Discover the art of keeping your flowers fresh using time-honored, traditional methods. Say goodbye to wilted blooms with our expert tips!

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In Pursuit of a Dried Bouquet

How to Achieve the Perfect Dried BouquetΒ  It can be heartbreaking to watch your beautiful, fresh cut flower arrangement run through its life sitting in the vase on your counter...

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How to Make Your Bouquet Last!

The summer is upon us! For us at Amelia’s, that means our flower trucks are out in full force all over the Nashville area. It’s also no secret that Nashville...

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