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The Royal Flower
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The Royal Flower


/ pēənē /


plural noun: peonies

a herbaceous or shrubby plant of north temperate regions, which has long been cultivated for its showy flowers.

“Cultivated for its showy flowers…” I love that. When I think of peonies, I think of royalty; not the unattainable, heir to the throne kind of nobility, but instead the kind of virtue that can be felt in your heart as you look at these breathtaking ruffle blooms.

Did you know that peonies have the ability to return year after year for hundreds of years or longer? HUNDREDS! It sounds magical and certainly makes me want to be a peony enthusiast for life!

Like many flowers, peonies come in a wide range of colors. Each color holds a special meaning, but overall these luscious flowers are seen as a sign of honor. While researching this flower, I picked a few color meanings I really enjoyed learning about and wanted to share:

  • Pink: Aside from being romantic, pink peonies are seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity in many cultures. Perhaps this is why they are the official 12th wedding anniversary gift?

      • White: This is known as a more sophisticated choice, as it known for its “clean and crisp” feel – romantic, but not too over the top.

      • Deep Red: This color is highly regarded in China and Japan, as it has the strongest relation to respect.

      These flowers will make the perfect stand-alone bouquet for your next dinner party! If you just picked up your peonies and you have a dinner party in a few hours, here are some tips I recently learned that will help these beauties to open faster:

      Get your Peonies Dinner Ready! 

      1. Remove Foliage 

      Remove as much foliage as possible. I know, I know, the greenery is so pretty, but trust me, if you remove the foliage this will divert all of the energy (yes, plants have energy) to opening that bloom.

      2. Fill Vase

        Fill your vase with at least 6" of slightly warm (never hot) water. A good thing to note is that the deeper the water, the faster the blooms will open.

        3. Recut

        Slightly trim each stem on an angle and quickly place them in the water.

        4. Location

        Put the vase in a warm area, if possible. The warmth will help the peonies bloom. Definitely avoid direct sunlight, though, as the peonies will burn and wilt.  

        5. Viola! 

        After a few minutes, you will be experiencing your royal moment in the company of your friends!



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