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Send flowers to anyone anywhere and choose your delivery date! To make sure our flowers arrive fresh, our boxes are shipped by FedEx Priority Overnight.

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Amelia's Flower Box *Nationwide Shipping*

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Size: Single

🚚 $25 Overnight Shipping (most destinations)!

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Experience the delight of Amelia's Picks delivered directly to your doorstep! Each bouquet is a unique creation, brimming with vibrant, fresh seasonal blooms. We simplify your choice by offering the best, so you don't need to sift through countless options.

Your flowers will be delivered in our iconic Signature Blue Box by FedEx, carefully secured in an eco-friendly sponge to ensure they remain hydrated during transit. Upon arrival, simply place them in water. If they appear a bit wilted, don't worryβ€”they're just thirsty and will revive with a good drink!

Delivery Schedule

Deliveries are only available Tuesday through Friday - for now (weekend overnight shipping is expensive). If you want your Flower Box delivered on a Friday and we run into a shipping delay; the earliest we could get you a new bouquet (if needed) would be early the following week. Just keep that in the back of your mind while ordering! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship?

All over the continental United States!

What is the shipping process like?

Check out our detailed Shipping Expectations section.

Why doesn’t my bouquet look like the one in the picture?

In the name of having flowers that last, we focus on providing seasonal flowers that are nice and fresh. With that being said, we cannot guarantee what flowers will be available each day.

Can I order flowers in bulk?

Go for it! Shoot us a message on the Contact page.

What is your deadline for next day deliveries?

For next day delivery, put your order in by 2pm CST!

What to Expect

So you’ve ordered a box of flowers! Here are some things to know.

❀️ Shipped with Care

We want your flowers to be as fresh as if you had picked them up at the truck or in the shop! To make sure of that, our boxes are shipped by FedEx Priority Overnight.

⏰ Delays or Damages

Once the box leaves our hands, however, we are not in control of whatever journey the flowers may find themselves on. In the case of any delays or damages, we will do what we can to take care of it!

πŸ—“οΈ Plan Ahead

If you want your Flower Box delivered on a certain date, we think it’s a great idea to choose a day or two ​before ​the date you need them, just so we can all get ahead of any weird flowery plot twists.