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Amelia's Hand Wrapped Bouquet Tutorial
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Amelia's Hand Wrapped Bouquet Tutorial

Hey y'all! It's been so long since I've done a blog post, so thanks for sticking with me. I thought it was about time we did a tutorial of how to wrap a classic Amelia's bouquet. I can't wait to see all of your beautiful creations. Be sure to tag us if you post any photos on instagram >> @ameliasflowertruck #ameliastutorial 



Step One: Foliage 


On the trucks, we always like to start with foliage or greenery. My absolute favorite (and pictured above) is Eucalyptus. Be sure to lay it flat on the left hand corner of your paper and let some of the beautiful leaves lay outside of the paper. 



Step Two: Filler 


Next, we will add some filler. Used above is Blue Lace Limonium. Another option that I love is Wax Flowers. Lay the filler on top of the greenery. You're creating a little bed for your blooms so make it comfy. 



Step Three: Accent Flowers 


Now it's time to add some accent blooms. In this bouquet I added 3 Peach Hypericum Berries and 2 White Stock. As you start to add blooms, it's important that they are laying on the paper and not to high up to where they are laying off the paper. The only thing that should be off the paper just a bit is the greenery and filler.



Step Four: Statement Bloom 


Now it's time for the statement piece! I've chosen a White Magnum Cremone to bring the whole bouquet together. Bouquets look best when you choose your blooms in odds. 1,3,5, get it! I've made a smaller bouquet so I picked 1 mum. Like the accent blooms, be sure to lay your Statement flower on the comfy bed you've made. 

Once you've laid out your finished bouquet, you can grab your shears and clip 1/2-1 inch off the stems at an angle. 



Step Five: Wrap 


We're almost done! Wrapping your bouquet is like swaddling a baby, so they say. Take the bottom right hand corner and fold it towards your flowers. Then take the upper right hand corner and fold it to the left. Do the same with the remaining side and fold it to the right. 



Step Six: Tie it with a bow 


The final step!! We've made it. All that's left to do is tie up your lovely bouquet. I love using twine to add a little rustic touch but you can use ribbon or bakers twine as well. 


We've got everything you need at our Trucks and Shops for you to create your very own bouquet. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or DM me on instagram. You can follow our business account here > @ameliasflowertruck or my personal account here > @mattiejeanbush



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