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Details Matter!
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Details Matter!

When I dreamt up Amelia's, there were a few things that were really important to me. I knew I wanted to be intentional, and I knew I wanted to cultivate a memorable experience that provided something fun and enjoyable for everyone - details, details, details! As I was pulling inspiration from my favorite places, I kept landing on my love of France. From the background story all the way to the uniforms, β€œFrance” is woven into Amelia’sΒ brand. When I think of France, I think of the widely coveted, haute couture, β€˜Brenton Stripe’. Almost as common as baguettes on the street, the black and white stripes are a closet essential in France. Ahh, my love for that signature look runs deep! Have you ever noticed that everyone who works on the truck is wearing a black and white striped shirt? It’s not because it’s trendy, but instead because I wanted every aspect to remind you of France. Details matter to me! If you want to show off your love of Amelia's and the 'Brenton Stripe' you can get our Original Amelia's Tee here.

xx MattieΒ 




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