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Regal Flower - King Protea
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Regal Flower - King Protea


With a large white textured center that gently grows upwards, surrounded in spikey pink petals, the Protea King Flower has quite the regal posture. If you take a look from the side, you can almost see a crown shape – hence the name. This flower is wildly tropical and the artichoke-like blooms almost look fake, it’s that unique. The leathery green petals frame the dense head and the whole entire flower is supported by the thickest stem I have ever seen. Novel and captivating, the king protea is a show-stopper and would make the perfect statement for a bouquet or table setting.


Announced as South Africa's national flower in 1976, the king protea, also known as the Protea Cynaroides, is actually considered to be a flowering bush. Almost as unique as its look, this flowering bush is actually quite exclusive as well. Found entirely in the Cape Floristic Region, the king protea belongs to the Protea genus, which is in turn part of the Proteaceae family.


The Protea King can reach up to 11 inches in diameter and 6 feet in height – that’s one massive, breathtaking flower! The flower shades vary in color from white to blush pink to even a deep crimson. Fun fact: This stem contains multiple dormant buds, which allows the king protea to survive the wildfires that often rage across its natural habitat. Once the fire dies down, the multiple dormant buds surface in a rainbow of color. With the ability to grow back after what should have ultimately caused a demise, this species has been thought to symbol rebirth or new life.


xx Mattie



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