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Love & Laughter - Chrysanthemum
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Love & Laughter - Chrysanthemum


A Chrysanthemum, also known as the Mum (notice the ‘mum’ in the end of the long name), is often times thought to bring love and laughter. Chrysanthemums come in several varieties, including Spider Mums, Football Mums, and Cremons. All of the varieties have different shapes and shades and act as perfect filler flowers for any arrangement. This week I want to focus on the Cremons.


The Cremons displays a single flower with long, soft petals surrounding an eclectic center that ranges from yellow to green. It’s such a “feel good flower” to give or receive. What do I love most about this flower? The long vase life! This is a reoccurring theme with my flower posts, if you haven’t caught on. Of course I am a lover of all flowers, but more than anything I love flowers that stick around long after the stems are trimmed and the arrangement is placed.


Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re looking to put a beautiful, thoughtful arrangement together, I suggest adding Cremons as a filler or even a stand-alone. Here are some tips if you choose to gift this humble flower – or just treat yourself:

In-Vase Cremons

  1. Vase
    Start with a very clean vase. Fill it about halfway with fresh, cool water. If you were given flower food, make sure to add it!
  2. Cutting Stems
    For Cremons, there really isn’t a science to trimming the stems. I suggest holding the flowers next to your vase to gauge how much you will need to trim.
  3. Remove Foliage
    Remove any foliage that will fall below the waterline. I have mentioned this before, but any submerged foliage can actually cause rot and encourage bacteria to grow, which sadly shortens the vase life. This is true for just about every flower in a vase – I will always repeat it, though!
  4. Avoid Overexposure
    Place your Cremons in a cool, well lit room away from sources of heat and drafts.
Change Water
Change the water every 2-3 days and add plant food if you have it.



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