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Mattie's Nashville Favorites
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Mattie's Nashville Favorites

From retail shops to the best coffee in town, we all have ‘our places’ that make a city feel like home. Since Nashville is my home, I wanted to share some of my personal favorites!



“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” -Dino’s.

Ok, just kidding, that’s from Cheers, but that’s definitely how I’d sum up Dino’s. It’s the All American, ever so disreputable (unabashedly), local bar. After a long day of overly priced food and fancy drinks downtown, you can always head to Dino’s – leave all things booshie at the door and step back into time with the old school diner vibe, open griddle and sizzling greasy patties. Welcoming all friends and walks of life, Dino’s is the perfect place to grab an iced cold beer and real plate of food.


Going in a completely different direction, sometimes we all need to slip into our favorite cocktail attire and have an ‘out-of-this-world’ specialty drink, paired with a small plate; the cuisine coupled with the ambiance is an integral part of what makes Geist a memorable experience each time. The brick walls and twinkling chandeliers will draw you in. Geist is lively and upbeat – the perfect place to celebrate or to feel celebrated. Back to the specialty drinks, though, I’d recommend the Opal Martini and the Old Cuban.


Many of you know that the Dose in East Nashville is one of our local spots for the Trucks. It’s an all-time favorite, for sure. Dose is the perfect café, eatery and bar all in one. Severing culture coffee and single-origin chocolate bars, Dose is a must-try if you’re in town. Have you ever heard of Nitro cold brew coffee? Um, to die for – smooth, velvety texture with a slight nutty flavor. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, please feel free to giggle at my attempt to explain that. But really, it’s so good.


An amazing product with an amazing mission. Shopping consciously and ethically is something I strongly believe in and Nisolo provides that and more. Nisolo birthed a company that shares a story long before and well after the purchase takes place. What most people might not know is that Nisolo is a social enterprise, not a philanthropy. Connecting local artisans and entrepreneurs to a competitive, global market, Nisolo provides highly crafted goods while also creating a sustainable impact that meets economic needs in Peru. By listening and learning, Nisolo found the demand and created a solution. Promoting lasting changing with products that last – taking #inmynisolos to a whole new level. Make sure to visit the shop if you’re in town!


Eclecticism meets Southern Charm, White’s Mercantile has something for every type of shopper and traveler. The owner, Holly Williams, has poured so much of her heart and soul into stocking the shelves to be a reflection of her favorite items and tastes. This is another local spot for the Trucks and holds a special place in my heart. Looking for the perfect gift or souvenir to bring home, but have no idea where to begin? Look no further, White’s has you covered. I dare say this is the anchor, the hub, the heartbeat of the best shopping in Nashville! Trinkets GALORE!


Some other great places to visit if you’re in town or even if you’re a local looking to branch out:

xx Mattie 


Apple & Oak

Imogene + Willie

Parnassus Book Store

Pinewood Social


Two Ten Jack

Butcher & Bee


Henrietta Red

Bars & Cocktails:

LA Jackson

Rudy's Jazz Room

Village Pub

Smoker's Abbey


Portland Brew

Frothy Monkey

Café Roze



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