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The Language Of Flowers
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The Language Of Flowers

What do you want to say with the flowers you give to that special someone? Maybe you often opt for their favorite bloom or color, simply because they’re beautiful or in season. Yes, this is so good and can certainly elicit a smile on the face of the receiver. But what if you’re itching to give or communicate something more meaningful with your kind gesture? Did you know that flowers offer a hidden language and beautiful history that has long since been forgotten? It’s a fun little term, “Floriography”, meaning the language of flowers. Here at Amelia’s, we believe that flowers are for EVERYONE, which is why we think it’s special to share flowers with more than just a lover on a special occasion (though we love to see that too)! So why not make it secretly special or meaningful?

Throwing it all the way back to 1717 in England which is believed to be the origin of this practice where the specific type of flowers, colors and manner in which they had been exchanged between people had communicated underlying messages and symbolism. People in the Victorian era (1837-1901) adopted this as a way to communicate secretly. What’s even more romantic and beautiful is that these messages relayed meaning and information that far surpassed what words were capable of or allowed to express; creating a completely new and elevated language! For handed off in the right hand would indicate a “yes”, exchanged in the left hand would mean “no”. Those given right side up might suggest a question or profession of emotion, while returning the bunch upside down or wilted would convey that the giver’s feelings and traditional meaning of the flowers were not reciprocated or rejected. 

Not to mention that Shakespeare used references to flowers and their symbolic meanings of “grace” and “remembrance” over 100 times in his numerous works like Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet. Even Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet was strategically selected with various types of flowers based on their traditional symbolic meanings! 

The meanings of specific flowers have certainly changed over time and been influenced by the changing tides of time, culture, country and society. It seems as though a general consensus for various blooms’ meanings has developed and emerged to our modern times. Though it might be fun to convey a hidden message with an arrangement based on the symbolism of the flowers you choose, it is ultimately up to you, your preferences and the preferences of the receiver to determine what they mean to YOU. 

Here’s what some of the blooms we, at Amelia’s carry (though they might depend on the season) and what they’ve generally come to symbolize….

Baby’s Breath

Everlasting love, Purity


Various colors signify different meanings~ (Generally) Fascination, Divine love; (PINK) “I’ll never forget you”; (RED) Admiration; (ORANGE) Joy, Warmth, Sunshine


Innocence, Loyal love, Purity


Purity, Silence, Devotion, Serenity, Grace and Calmness


Various colors signify different meanings~ Chastity, Virtue, Beauty, Pride


Happy Marriage, Bashful, Happy life


Various colors signify different meanings~ (RED) Love, Respect; (PINK) Happiness, Grace, Joy; (WHITE) Innocence, Secrecy


Adoration, Loyalty (Meaning also depends on culture)


Thoughts of friends, Daily remembrance, Endurance, Goodness, Lasting Affection

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